Eco-Schools Green Flag



Notre Dame High School has recently been awarded its sixth Green Flag by Eco Schools. The Eco-Schools programme is the largest educational programme on the planet. The Eco-Schools process aims to put young people in charge of raising environmental awareness by planning and implementing environmental actions that get their whole school and its community involved. In nearly 70 countries around the world, schools follow the same, simple, Seven Step framework that culminates in achieving an international Eco-Schools Green Flag.

Recent projects carried out by students and staff include; recycling pens, demonstrating and speaking at the Youth strikes for the climate, giving our memorial garden a face lift, working with our school catering service to reduce plastic waste and continuing to install more low energy lighting across the school.

As a school we feel it is incredibly important that we work towards the international Eco-Schools Green Flag award. With the world currently experiencing the effects of climate change, different species of plant and animals becoming extinct every day and micro plastics being found in the most remote locations on Earth: now, is an incredibly important time to educate future generations about the impact of their actions on our planet and work together towards a sustainable future for all life on our planet.



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