Headteacher's Blog 01/04/2021

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Head Teacher’s Blog 1st April 2021

Just a short Blog this week, before we break for Easter.

Today, during form time, students have been invited to reflect on the stations of the cross, marking the last moments of Jesus life. They have watched a video, put together by our chaplaincy team, containing art work from round the world that depicts the different stations. After each station, there have been pictures that remind us of some of what has happened in our country and around the world in the past year, events that are linked to some of the themes we see in the Holy Week story. Students have been encouraged to use the video to help them reflect on the past year and to pray.

The theme of lent and the story of Holy Week reminds us that we are not perfect. There is suffering in life, some of which we cause. Yet the end of the video reminds us of the end of the story. It is a story of hope, that transforms even the most difficult times.

We hope that the students found it a good way to draw this term to a close. I have shared a link to the video below so that you can see what the students did today.



Looking ahead

We return to school after the Easter break on Monday 19th April.

On the Wednesday of that week (Wed 21st April) we will have Y9 parents’ evening, which will be remote using School Cloud as with our other parents evenings this year.

Students in Y8 who have been choosing their options will be getting feedback next term on what they will be studying next year.

Students in Y10, Y11 and Y13 will be continuing to consolidate all that they have learned in GCSEs and A Levels, while following the programme of in class assessments that we shared with you last week.

We will also be starting the support for induction of those students who will be joining us in Y7 and those starting 6th form next year. We will be running ‘virtual roadshows’ starting from the first week back after Easter, for families who have children joining Y7 in September. If you have a younger child who is joining us, you will have received information about these events by email from Mrs Giles.

Further information about the 6th form induction programme will come out from the 6th form team direct to all our Y11 students who are continuing with us next year.

We are also planning for leavers celebrations for our Y11 and Y13 students and, we hope, for a live induction day for our incoming Y7 students. We’re hoping too, to be able to begin re-introducing some more enrichment activities in sport, music and drama and, all going well, we hope to finish the year with Sports Day.

Of course, all of that is dependent on the success of continued measures to reduce the numbers of people with Covid and also to reduce the risk of serious ill health from infection. We will continue to be guided by the public health advice, but it is nice at least to be planning some things that we have missed from school life.


Contact Tracing and Testing over the Easter break

As explained last week, students are asked to continue the twice weekly testing with the LFD kits over the Easter break.

You should continue to log the results of the tests with the NHS tracing website and with school via the web links.

If your child tests positive with an LFD test on Friday 2nd or Saturday 3rd April, or if they develop symptoms on either of these days and go on to have a positive PCR test, please also phone school on 0114 2302536. You will get an option to report a positive Covid result. We ask you to leave a message, giving the name of your child, the date on which they got symptoms or tested positive with the LFD kit and also to leave a contact number that you can be reached on by someone from school.

We have been asked to support track and trace by getting in touch with you to identify any contacts from in school.

If your child develops symptoms or tests positive with an LFD kit after Saturday 3rd April, you do not need to contact the phone line, as your child will not have been in school for 48 hours before symptoms or positive test. NHS track and trace will be in touch with you directly to identify contacts out of school.

Thank you for your support with this.


Safeguarding Buletin

Attached with this week’s Blog is our Safeguarding Bulletin. This half term, there is a particular focus on sexual harassment and sexual violence in the light of the focus through the ‘Everyone’s Invited’ website. We are mindful that this focus in the media may be a trigger for some of our students to recall painful experiences or worries. In the bulletin we share some contact numbers that will be of help and also we share a summary of our approach in school, which we hope will inform and reassure students and parents.


That is all for this term.

I hope you have a refreshing and blessed Easter.

God Bless

Mr Davies

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