Eco Team Launch New Eco Code


The Eco-Code is the Eco-Team’s mission statement. It should demonstrate – in a positive, clear and imaginative way – the school’s commitment to improving its environmental performance. Last term the Eco Team worked to produce an updated version that is more relevant to our school community. We have been launching the new Eco Code across the school the last two weeks. You will see a new version up in classrooms and other rooms across the school. Our commitment to environmental causes helps us to ‘live out’ our Hallmarks. Three that it particularly relates to are….

• We proclaim by our lives even more than by our words that God is good
• We educate for and on behalf of justice and peace in the world
• We commit ourselves to community service

It has been great to hear that Mrs Perez-Lopez has made a Spanish version of this and this will be displayed in the MFL classrooms and it will be used as a starter during lessons on the environment.

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