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Update on Notre Dame bus service to Stocksbridge and Deepcar (18.07.17)

We are in discussion with SYPTE regarding the tenders they put out for providers to offer a service to Stocksbridge & Deepcar. We fully understand how close we are to the end of term and the anxiety that will cause for you. However, as promised, we remain committed and are working very hard with SYPTE to have a replacement service in place for September. Furthermore, it remains our first priority to try to secure funding so that this service costs no more to each family than the standard fare that students currently pay for each journey.

I am sure that you will understand that commercial operators cannot provide a service at a loss and that all public bodies, such as the city council, local authorities and schools, are dealing with year on year cuts to funding. This makes negotiations difficult, but I can also reassure you that all people involved in the work fully understand the feelings of families in Stocksbridge & Deepcar who send their children to Notre Dame and all are genuinely working hard to find a solution. Because of the number of people involved and the confidential nature of the tendering process, I sadly cannot share any details with you at the moment, but we remain cautiously optimistic that we will have a good solution in place by the start of the new academic year. I would therefore ask for your patience and support of that process.

We are all doing our very best to get a firmer message to you by the end of term, but if we cannot, then we will make arrangements to keep you up to date during the summer break as work will continue between the school and the other parties involved.

Update from 17.07.17

Thank you for your patience and cooperation with us as we have worked with SYPTE and the Local Authority as they have sought to find replacements for the Bright Bus service.

Thank you too for your responses to the letters I sent out last week. I hope that the summary below will address some of the questions and concerns that were raised. I have noted at the end of this notice ways that you can raise any further questions or concerns that you may have.

As you will see from the summary below, First Mainline will be providing replacement services for the vast majority of the Bright Bus routes. There is a link to the provisional timetables for these routes. I must make it clear that these are provisional until a meeting of the SYPTE executive board on Monday. Once finalised, they will publish the timetables on ‘’ and we will update the copy on our website.

Our focus now is continuing to work with SYPTE and the city council to find a service for families depending on the Stocksbridge and Deepcar (781) bus. There is a link at the bottom of this summary to a more detailed update for those families.

Summary of services from September

Please note, these bus numbers refer to the current Bright Bus services. Some of the service numbers will change in September. Where they will be different, the new numbers are in brackets.

779 –(779) Replacement school service provided by First.

780 – (780)Replacement school service provided by First. Brightbus figures show this vehicle is very busy. Service 782 will provide additional capacity if it is needed.

781 – No replacement service found (yet). SYPTE have issued a tender to find out what additional cost there might be, over and above bus fares, for a provider to operate this service.

782 – (782) Replacement school service provided by First, with some changes in the morning. In the morning, this bus will start from Grenoside, as it is needed to carry out another school run first. First Mainline have amended the timetable for the 85 bus service so that it will provide a connecting route for children in High Green and Chapel Town. This connecting service will arrive at the start point of the 782 10 minutes before the 782 is due to depart. The afternoon service will be a like for like replacement, traveling out to High Green and Chapeltown.

783 –(782 pm) First Mainline will provide an afternoon only service. There are other existing services that run along the 783 route into town in the morning and the afternoon. These will be supported by an extra 120 bus service from town to Notre Dame in the morning and from Notre Dame to town at the end of school.

784 – (784) Replacement school service provided by First.

785 – (781) Replacement school service provided by First and will also cover Dore Village additionally. Part of route will be covered by a revised 786. PM slightly later than now due to vehicle availability.

786 –(786) Replacement school service provided by First and minor route change to cover 785. Will run to Arbourthorne (Northern Ave/Eastern Ave) in pm only similar to current Brightbus service.

If you have further questions or concerns…

You can go to the Travel South Yorkshire website (link below). You will find up to date timetables and also contact information for SYPTE if you wish to raise queries or concerns directly with them.

You can go to the First Mainline website (link below). Again, you will find up to date timetables and also contact information if you wish to get in touch with the company directly.

From September First Mainline will have a schools’ liaison officer in post who will be a point of contact between the company and the schools, so if you have questions or concerns, you will be able to pass them on to us at school and we will be able to take them up with them.

We also hope to have a representative from First Mainline at our parents’ information evenings in September. We will confirm this if they are able to send someone to those meetings.

You can get in touch with us at school via our contacts email. Go to the ‘contact’ tab on our website and click on the ‘email’ link. Please put ‘Bus service’ as subject of your email so that it goes to someone who can help you.

Please see the attachment below with a more detailed update for those who use the 781 service from Stocksbridge and Deepcar

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