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Dear Parent/ Carer

Happy Easter to everyone. After a refreshing break, there is a great deal to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Before I get to that, we had the news at the start of this term that the Bright Bus Service will no longer run from September 2017. I understand that this will cause concern for the many families whose children face a long journey to and from school. I can’t offer any definite plans for transport to school at this early stage however, I do wish to reassure all parents and students that South Yorkshire Transport Executive and the Local Authority are looking at new plans as a matter of urgency and we are staying in communication with them. We will update you as plans develop. I can also say that we are making contact with other schools who have been through similar changes to understand what has worked for them and also what has not. While this clearly presents a challenge, it also presents an opportunity to tackle some things that we have not been happy about in relation to travel to and from school.

Looking ahead, we have a number of major community events in the next few weeks:

This Friday, we will be celebrating St Julie’s day in school, as it is the closest school day to 13th May which is the anniversary of her beatification by Pope Pius X in 1906. There will be many things going on to mark the day, including our St Julie’s Day dash round the school grounds at lunch time. In the middle of the day, Y9 will be gathering in St John’s for our St Julie’s day Mass.

It will be an own clothes day and the money raised through this and the many other activities on the day will be going to buy books for the library at a brand new Notre Dame School that is being built in Nigeria. We are blessed to be part of a worldwide family with such a rich tradition of education and service to the poor and it is wonderful to celebrate that and support the continued work of the Sisters.

This week is also a momentous one for our Y11 students. They will gather for their final Mass as a year group on Wednesday. Then on Friday, they will have a particularly memorable St Julie’s day as they sign each other’s shirts and celebrate their time together over the past five years in their leaver’s assembly. Please note Mr Marsden’s comments on this day following on below.

The Y11 leavers’ day is always one of laughter and tears, a chance to remember good times and to put aside any differences to celebrate the part that each person has played in our community over their time with us. How appropriate that this will happen on St Julie’s day as she was a practical and humble person who knew that we are not perfect and life is not always easy. However, she also believed in the absolute goodness of God, present in every part of His creation. Ahead of that day, I would just like to say to each member of Y11, thank you for being part of this community, all the very best for your exams and most importantly, God Bless you in your next steps, be they with us at Notre Dame or elsewhere.

A final plug from me, again looking ahead to our FOND Spring Ball on Friday 19th May. This is always a great event, a chance for parents of children at the school, members of staff, governors and other members of our community to get together for food & dancing! The money we make through the evening also goes to support extracurricular clubs and activities at school, so it benefits our students. It is always a popular evening, so if you haven’t got your ticket already, please contact Mrs Wright by email; awright@notredame-high.co.uk.

Y11 – Message from Mr Marsden

The final regular school day for Y11 will be this Friday 12th of May, will also be a non-uniform day for the whole school, the proceeds of which will be going to a charity chosen by Y11. This combined with our leavers celebration should hopefully be a fitting and enjoyable time to celebrate the last five years and wish them well for their next steps. It will finish at 3.30 in time for students to get on the buses and go home. I must emphasise that students must ensure their behaviour on their journey home shows respect towards members of the public and the School. We do not expect there to be issues and my knowledge of this year group assure me we shall have a smooth day on 12th May.

Once again, may I thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation as we all work together to help your child achieve their very best in this Summer’s Examinations and have an enjoyable end to Year 11.

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