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Year 7

Abigail Todd
Niamh McFadden
Frances Deeney
Paula Galarraga
Polly Platts
Phoebe Gerrard
Anna Scriven
Millie Quinn
Abigail Beare
Clare Dunford
Esther Pearson

Year 8

Emma Sharples
Amanda Sanchez
Marsel Jameel
Mufaro Chikwanha
Angeline Tinarwo
Sandali Rodrigo
Darcey Haddow
Ella Haddow
Jessica Mac-Amoo Musah
Lucy White
Alexandra Tomlinson
Ofofonono Ukanga

Year 9

Evie Rostant
Olivia Temple
Orla Hughes
Bethany Croft
Ebony Mitcheson
Lekyra Johnson-Burrell

While noting some of the excellent involvement with a range of extra-curricular opportunities, it is a good point for me to highlight the work of FOND (Friends of Notre Dame). FOND organise events which aim to help build community and raise money which goes to support the extra-curricular opportunities at Notre Dame. Over the years they have helped to pay for sports kits, music equipment and kit for DofE as well as helping to reduce the cost of activities more generally for students.

Just as importantly, events such as the Spring Ball and the Summer Festival create opportunities for us to come together as a wider school community and enjoy time together.

You will shortly be receiving an email outlining some of the ways you can support this work, from helping to organise events, using contacts to get hold of great prizes for competitions through to joining our 200 club. We understand the many different pressures and demands on different peoples’ lives, but if you can support this work in some way, we would be very grateful.

sertraline antidepressant 50mg Exams Information

Please note that the deadline for applying for access arrangements in exams is 21st February. This is JCQ’s deadline and the school is not able to change it.

Newsletter 06.02.17 Physics Blog1

Newsletter 06.02.17 Physics Blog2

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