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Dear parents

You may well be aware of the growing campaign in Sheffield around funding for schools. This reflects national concern as schools have seen income frozen, while costs have risen over the last few years. Schools in Sheffield are feeling this particularly as our schools receive funding per pupil that is below the national average and is below that in other similar cities. For example, schools in Sheffield receive on average £743 per pupil less funding than schools in Manchester.

Over the last 5 years at Notre Dame, we have seen an overall reduction in our grant income, while costs have risen year on year (things such as increased employer contributions to national insurance etc.) So far, we have been able to maintain a balanced budget through the cuts to various budgets in school and through decisions not to replace some colleagues who have left over the last few years. The work of the teaching school and the SCITT, we also generate income that helps support the school. We have also seen increases in the number of students in both main school and 6th form.  Despite all of this, we continue to just keep ahead of the cuts. I would like to highlight the commitment of staff who have worked hard to ensure that these reductions have not been felt by the students.

We, like all schools in Sheffield, want to do an exceptional job for students and we have always recognised the need to do so in a way that uses public money carefully. I would want to reassure parents that we remain in a position, through careful budget management, where we are not having to make cuts in the immediate future that restrict the curriculum or teaching time and direct support for students but we, like other schools in Sheffield, are concerned about the long term picture if funding does not improve.

If you would like to sign the petition to support the campaign for funding in Sheffield Schools which is in line with that of schools in other similar cities, please click on the link below. This campaign is supported by all the schools in Sheffield and by the city council.

You will also see there a link to one of the recent stories from the local press.

Many thanks

Mr S Davies

The online petition (https://www.change.org/p/fair-fund-for-sheffield-schools)

New story; https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/university-of-sheffield-backs-the-star-s-campaign-for-better-schools-funding-1-9235878

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