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In Religious Studies students will explore their own faith and the faith of others so that they can be 'religiously literate' in society today. The mission of Notre Dame is to enable students to know about and understand the religious tradition of our school, especially which rooted in the Notre Dame Sisters and our Catholic heritage so that they can be active members of their community. It is also important that students are able to know about and understand different religious traditions, so that they can be active members of a global community.

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In KS3 R.E. we have two areas of focus, the first is learning about religion where we look at the belief, practices and teachings of Christianity and other religions such as Hinduism, Judaism and Islam. The second area of focus is learning from religion, in this area we take what we have learnt from religion and consider what we can learn from these teachings, and what impact in may have on people today. By following these areas of focus we help students to develop a deep understanding of their own, and other people's faith as well as building a strong foundation for the skills they will need at KS4.
To find out more about KS3 Religious Education please click on the PDF below.

We start our KS4 course around Easter of Y9 to give students enough time to complete the course and revise for the exam. The KS4 course covers two topics. The first topic covered is Ethics, in ethics we consider modern day issues such as; war, euthanasia and abortion and learn how Christians may respond to such issues. This builds students debating and thinking skills as well as their knowledge of Christianity. The second topic is Roman Catholicism, this topic allows student to learn about their faith in more depth. We explore the beliefs and practices within Roman Catholicism and the differences between the denominations within Christianity
To find out more about KS4 Religious Education please click on the PDF below.

How you can help your child in R.E.:
You can help your child by encouraging them to practice their faith, and by practicing it with them. Ask your child questions surround R.E. and get them to do further research about topics they find interesting. Visit different places of worship. Encourage your child to interact with people of different faiths and learn more about other faiths. Share beliefs and ideas with your child and discuss their own beliefs. Discuss with your child what they are learning in R.E. at the minute and talk to them about it. If you child does any extra R.E. related work then encourage them to bring it in to show the R.E. team, we will always be willing to discuss it with them.

(Philosophy and Ethics)

The study of the two units, Philosophy & Ethics, that make up Religious Studies at A Level together offer students an incredible opportunity to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills that universities demand. Students will be expected to think for themselves, and investigate issues and concepts with intelligence and maturity. In Philosophy students will study Ancient Greek influences on philosophy of Religion; Judaeo-Christian influences on Philosophy of Religion; Traditional arguments for the existence of God, the problem of evil and challenges to religious belief from science and secularism. In Ethics students will study Ethical Theories including Natural Law, Kant and Utilitarianism, and their application to medical ethics including abortion, euthanasia, the right to life, the right to a child, genetic engineering and embryo research, war, peace and justice.
To find out more about A-Level Religious Education please click on the PDF below.


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Exam Results

Information on exam results 2017 can be found by clicking here:


and downloading the document entitled ‘Exam Performance Data 2017’

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RE Team

Mr J Cain (Head of Department) -
I first studied theology and philosophy in Spain and on returning went to Leeds University to complete my degree in theology. I believe that I have been called as my vocation to share with others an understanding and love of faith. I am practicing member of the Catholic community at St William of York Ecclesall.

Miss R Chapman
I studied Theology and Religious Studies at Leeds University. Having come to Notre Dame as a student I always wanted to teach here. Teaching RE is not just a job for me, but my calling from God. I want young people to share in the excitement of knowing God. I am a practicing member of the Anglican Church, and I am a licensed Lay Reader at St Polycarps, Malin Bridge.

Miss D Cleary

Mr B Lacey
I read German at King's College, London, focusing on German philosophy, Church history and 21st century German literature and cinema. Later I completed a PGCE in RE (Institute of Education, London). I believe that the best RE should be academically rigorous, test assumptions and encourage independent thought whilst giving space to explore life's big questions. I am an active member of St Timothy's Church, Crookes, serving on the PCC and contributing to various ministries.

Miss J Cresswell
I studied Theology at Leeds Trinity and All Saints and completed an MA in Teaching and Learning at Sheffield Hallam - I teach RE because I want to inspire the next generation of students to become religiously literate and to have a firm understanding of not only the Christian faith but also other faiths. I am a practicing member of Christ the King parish and serve the community as a foundation governor at the local Catholic Primary school.

Mr P Loftus
I went to the University of Newcastle upon Tyne to read History and then I stayed to complete my PGCE in Religious Education. I wanted to teach RE as I believe it is the important space for learning about the diverse cultural nature of our world, to shape a sound moral understanding of current global issues. I am a practising Catholic in the Parish of St. William of York Ecclesall.

Mr J Neal
I studied Theology & Religious Studies and Geography at Chester University. Having previously been a student at Notre Dame I am thrilled to have returned and be able to pass on what I have learned now to current students at Notre Dame. I am a practicing member of the Catholic community at St Ann's Stocksbridge soon moving to the Mother of God parish.

Miss F Gennard
I studied Theology and Education at Trinity and All Saints College in Leeds. I became an RE teacher because I felt it was a challenging but rich subject that encompasses a holistic approach to education. I am a member of the Catholic Community of St Thomas of Canterbury of Gainsborough.

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