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At Notre Dame High School we offer a wide range of creative courses such as Photography.

Art & Design

In Art & Design Key stage Level 3 and 4 we focus on observational drawing skills, and techniques. During the 2nd term we find out how the colour-wheel works, how to mix colours, how to use combinations of colours to achieve certain effects. In Term 3 we will be developing a personal idea and building on skills and understanding covered in terms one and two. This may include mythical creatures, clay work or print work. To find out more about KS3 and 4 Art & Design please click on the PDF below.Maggie web

During A-Levels students develop a self-led project focussing on artists and themes that are of interest to them. The media and approaches used will be very much led by the students' personal strengths and, if appropriate, their intentions for further education. Students produce a sustained body of research and experimentation and plan to complete a final piece or series of pieces which may take the form of paintings, drawings or three-dimensional pieces. To find out more about A-Level Art & Design please click on the PDF below.

How you can help your child in Art?
Students will benefit from practising drawing from observation using a pencil on paper. Any opportunities to visit art galleries and develop an interest in art would be great. Talking to your child about art, and helping them to develop and express opinions and interpretations, (even if you feel you don't know anything about it!) will help them to take an active part in class discussions.


BTEC starts with an Introduction to Art & Design. Following a theme of Natural Forms, students will work through a range of media and methods for making art, including printing, computer based design, drawing and painting and photography. Students will design and produce three items to promote a new business. To find out more about BTEC please click on the PDF below.

How you can help your child in BTEC?
Students will benefit from drawing regularly in pencil, biro and other media. Students should be encouraged to take photographs of things that interest them and relate to their projects. Any opportunities to visit art galleries and develop an interest in art would be great.


We recently started with photography courses at Notre Dame High School. Y9 start with an Alphabet Project: A simple idea in which students capture photographs that can be interpreted as letters and then use them to assemble words. To find out more about Photoraphy please click on the PDF below.Vince

How you can help your child in Photography?
Students will benefit from taking photographs as often as possible. Just taking pictures and looking critically at the results will be their best source of learning. It is not essential to own a camera to complete this course as we have a stock of cameras for student use. If a digital camera is available at home, that will be helpful, but some of our assignments can be completed just as well on a phone camera. If a student chooses to focus on the more technical aspects of photography, then a better quality camera may be an advantage. Any opportunities to visit galleries and develop an interest in photography would be great. Talking to your daughter or son about photography looking at how it is used in magazines, websites and other contexts, will help them to develop and express opinions and make confident interpretations.

Head of Department: Mr B Pedler -

Exam Results

Information on exam results 2017 can be found by clicking here:


Artwork of the Month

November 2016

Year 10 pupils have just started the GCSE portrait project. Students have created a self-portrait in the style of an artist called Chuck Close. This style of work includes lots of mark making, tone and great attention to detail. They have produced some fantastic portraits, have a look at just a few of the examples of their wonderful work!


Y8 Pop Art Portraits in the style of Roy Lichtenstein...can you guess who they are?

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